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Fusion IONZ Bands Revealed

Have you noticed more and more people wearing those ‘rubber looking bracelets’?  Many athletes have taken to them, but “regular” people, including some of my patients, wear them as well.

I get asked by many of my patients questions like, “What are these bracelet-like bands, and why exactly are they so popular?”  “Do they have any benefits?  Or is it just a big marketing ploy?”  I’m the type of doctor who likes to make sure I know everything about any product I may recommend.  So I set out to do some investigating on my own, particularly in regards to the Fusion IONZ Bands.

What Are They?
The Fusion IONZ Bands are similar to other wristbands out on the market – Power Balance Bands, EFX, Phiten, etc.  But what makes these bands unique is that they contain a patent-pending blend of minerals consisting of Black Tourmaline, Titanium and Germanium, whereas many other bands focus mostly on titanium as the main “ingredient” so to speak.

Not only that, but the bands have an extra edge above competitors based on their negative ion output.  I’ll talk a little more about that below, but first let’s look at what these bands are capable of, what exactly negative ions are, and why they can be so beneficial.

Negative Ion Technology
Like I said, the technology of these wristbands is based around the concept of negative ions.  Usually when you see the word “negative” you think “bad,” right?  Well in this case, it is just the opposite.  Negative ions are actually good for you – and for your health.

So, how do they work?If you think back to your high school science class, you might remember that atoms and Atom issustrationmolecules have an equal amount of protons and electrons, or a neutral charge.  But when the number of electrons differs from the number of protons, the uneven atom or molecule becomes an ion.  If it gains electrons, the molecule then becomes a negative ion.  If it has more protons than electrons, it is a positive ion.

Negative ions are more concentrated in natural things such as waterfalls, the beach, mountainous areas, or during (and after) a thunderstorm.  On the other hand, positive ions are typically generated from man-made things like cell phones, televisions, laptops, or air conditioners.  You may be starting to realize why negative ions are so good for you, and positive ones are alternately bad for you!

And they truly are good for you.  Some studies have linked increased exposure to negative ions  to health benefits such as increased circulation, a boost in brain function, lessened feelings of depression and effects from seasonal affective disorder (SAS) and balanced sleep hormones.

And the benefits don’t stop there.  In fact, Fusion itself commissioned a three-phase double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study to test the efficacy of FusionDownload Study IONZ bracelets when it comes to strength, balance, flexibility, muscle endurance, energy, pain relief and negative ion output.

Clinical Study

What they found was quite interesting.
For instance, in regards to balance, strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and energy, the research showed that a full 100% of the test subjects reported an increase in energy, and all of the participants also reported an increase in performance, with some reporting up to 27.7%.  The average performance increase was 14.42% and in comparison to placebo, there was a performance increase of 20.72%.

The study also showed great improvements in pain relief.  Of the study participants, over 8% reported a reduction in pain in a mere 15 minutes.  That number rose to 20.46% after 24 hours, and again rose to 29.46% after a full week.  Subjects also reported a general increase in mood and an improvement in their daily workouts.

Finally, the negative ion output by the Fusion IONZ Power Bands was simply off the charts. The study looked at Fusion and 13 competitor bands. Fusion IONZ tested at 3290 negative ions per CC per second, an average of 1983.15 higher than all the competitive bands and nearly 30% higher than the next closest competitor.

Triple Threat Mineral Blend
Remember, these bands are unique because of the mineral blend of Black Tourmaline, Titanium and Germanium.  Each of these has its own health benefits.

Black Tourmaline: It is suggested that Black Tourmaline creates a constant negative ion supply.  Because of this, it is helpful in reducing toxin-related ailments; as well as for lowering stress levels, boosting mental alertness, and even strengthening the immune system.

Titanium: Some research has shown that when titanium is in contact with the skin, it is able to help the blood carry oxygen more efficiently, which helps boost metabolism function and reduce inflammation.  It is also thought to work well in conjunction with Tourmaline.

Germanium:  This mineral is thought to draw harmful positive ions away from the body. Remember – negative in this aspect is “good” while positive is “bad.”

In Conclusion
Remember the general feeling of ‘well being’ the last time you stayed at the beach, or at a lake…. or camping in the mountains… don’t you sleep better, and wake up refreshed, and energetic?  How about the last time you were on a mountain trail, or on a nice bike ride, away from the ‘super charged’ environment that man has created?  That’s a negative ion atmosphere – Its no wonder why study participants showed an increase in mood and energy!  Add to that, the improved circulation encourages better balance, strength, flexibility, vitality, and performance.  It also makes great sense why all of this adds up to decreased pain and quicker muscle recovery after exercising.

After looking at all of the evidence on the Fusion IONZ Bands, especially in comparison to other brands out on the market, I was able to help my patients navigate this new world of ion technology.  The research on the minerals themselves is solid, and with testimonials coming from elite professional athletes and everyday health enthusiasts, it seems the Fusion IONZ Bands are definitely on the right track with their patent-pending mineral blend.

One word of caution – there are many different ‘cheap’ imitations on the market today.  Some that I have seen, are basically just rubber bands.  My patients are recommending the brand Fusion IONZ Bands to their families and friends; my most ardent health enthusiasts swear by them.  So do your homework… don’t buy the ‘typical’ bands from any company that doesn’t back up their product with clinical studies, and a solid return policy.

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