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Glucotol Review

  People often think high blood sugar is something only diabetics or pre-diabetics have to worry about. But the truth is high blood sugar is something that everyone should be concerned about. Why? Because it can affect your overall health – even the rate at which you age. In fact, …

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Libidon Plus Review


If you’re a guy like me, turning 30 was one of the best times of my life. I felt unstoppable – like I could do anything, achieve everything. Turning 40? I’m still trying to figure that milestone out. I eat right, I exercise, yet I still feel “different.” I tire …

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Fusion IONZ Bands Revealed

Have you noticed more and more people wearing those ‘rubber looking bracelets’?  Many athletes have taken to them, but “regular” people, including some of my patients, wear them as well. I get asked by many of my patients questions like, “What are these bracelet-like bands, and why exactly are they …

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PIMT4Life Product Review

We’ve had quite a few of you asking about a product called PIMT4Life, so we decided to do a little investigating of our own! What Is It? PIMT4Life is a once-daily pill which contains an enzyme called the PIMT enzyme. The company that manufactures PIMT4Life, the Cellular Life Research Center, says …

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