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About Nutricell

Nutricell Health Inc was established in 1995 to offer the highest quality and most effective products to customers like you. Products produced by Nutricell Health Inc. have been formulated by world renowned doctors and scientists, including:



Dr. Derrick DeSilva, named by New York Magazine as “One of the Best Doctors in the New York Metro Area.”




Dr. Bruce Dooley, author of Perfect Health Forever and sought-after speaker on the benefits of alternative and complementary therapies.



Dr. D’Amico, board-certified in Family Medicine, having practiced over 15 years; Licensed Osteopathic Physician (D.O.) and Registered Pharmacist, (R.Ph.).




Dr. Glen Halvorson, Member of the U.S. Olympics Sports Medical Society and published author of 11 medical research articles, the acclaimed audiotape series, Nature’s Prescriptions for Health, and the soon-to-be released book, OPC: The Real Story About Proanthocyanidins.



Dr. Philippe Moser, Chief Pharmacist in the Homeopath division at Vitarich Laboratories; designed, set up and launched the first French Medical Center in Le Cannet, France.




Dr. Michael Ingraham, holder of two M.D.’s and a PH.D.; member of the American Aerospace Medical Association and the Medical Alternative Acupuncture Homeopathy Association.



Nutricell Health Inc. is devoted to quality.Our commitment to excellence is uncompromising. We guarantee that our supplements are of the highest quality available anywhere across the globe.

Nutricell Health Inc. uses private manufacturers that employ FDA Pharmaceutical and GMP (GOOD Manufacturing Procedures) standards. Nutricell Health Inc. also uses the highest potency herbal extracts available rather than lower potency whole plant powders to ensure maximum absorption and superior results. Nutricell Health Inc. tests every batch of raw materials to ensure purity, potency and quality because we are committed to providing you with the very best health care products.

Our Goal is to provide you with effective, fast-acting products that are completely non-toxic and free of side effects. We stand firm in our belief that Nutricell Health Inc. products will work for you and we back all of our products with a 100% money-back guarantee. This is our promise and commitment to YOU.

For over 12 years, these products have adhered to the dietary supplement industry standards set by the NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Association). We are loyal believers, followers and supporters of these standards. Nutricell Health Inc. is consistently conscious of any current issues, policies or procedures involving the dietary supplement industry, and we ensure compliance with any new or changed industry standards. Plus Nutricell Health Inc. stays on the cutting edge of new research so that we can bring you the latest extracts and products for anti-aging, joint, brain, heart, energy, virility, weight loss, digestion and much more!

Nutricell Health Inc is proud to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence. We are devoted to helping you live a long, healthy, energetic life and we are committed to your utmost satisfaction.