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Ordinary supplements and vitamins contain nutrient “isolates” that have been stripped of all their naturally occurring micronutrients so your body struggles to use them.

Marine phytoplankton provides “the raw materials” to maintain healthy cellular function.

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The Untold Story of the Miraculous SUPERFOOD FROM THE SEA And how it can help feed  Your Body So You Feel Better Than Ever!


 “Alive with ENERGY! I feel like I’ve GONE BACK IN TIME 12 years!”—Lisa N., Miami Beach FL 

Why a world-renowned scientist calls this breakthrough “the future of nutrition…”

The secret to maintaining your energy, a healthy mind, and pristine heart health may be beneath crystal clear, blue ocean waters.

It’s a unique superfood that is...

  • So energizing because it contains 64 high-potency nutrients and sea minerals not available in any other food or supplement…
  • So healthful that a leading scientist calls it likely “the most nutritious food in the world” with nutrients in the exact form your body requires…
  • So essential that NASA scientists theorize it marked the beginning of life on Earth nearly four billion years ago as our original “perfect whole food” source…

Yet, you’ve probably never heard of it before. Why? Because it’s never been successfully harvested until now…

The Miracle of Microscopic MARINE PHYTOPLANKTON “One of God’s GREATEST GIFTS to us!”—Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D.

Now, thanks to a unique, patent-pending process eight years in the making, this deep-sea superfood is being successfully grown and harvested for use by humans.

Our oceans have been adrift with phytoplankton since life on earth first came into being. They were here long before seaweed, algae or any other ocean plant. These microscopic miracles have a mighty mission…

To sustain life in the ocean and on earth! According to NASA researchers, plankton create HALF of all the oxygen on Earth!   They convert sunlight and water into protein, carbohydrates and rich stores of unique nutrients.

Marine Phytoplankton contain so many life-giving nutrients that they’re a complete whole food, supplying everything we need for life. In fact, they form the base of the earth’s food chain for all living things.

High-Potency Nutrition Packed with 64 health-supporting, SUPER nutrients


Marine phytoplankton is the ONLY FOOD that contains a complete suite of nutrients in exact proportion to those found naturally in human plasma. Plasma is the material that surrounds every cell in your body.

Marine phytoplankton is WHOLE FOOD nutrition that contains vitamins, trace minerals, micronutrients and electrolytes not found in other superfoods, supplements or even the healthiest fruits and vegetables from the land or sea.

Ordinary supplements and vitamins contain nutrient “isolates” that have been stripped of all their naturally occurring micronutrients so your body struggles to use them. But marine phytoplankton provides “the raw materials” to maintain healthy cellular function. Ounce for ounce, phytoplankton contains…

  • More chlorophyll than other green plants! Chlorophyll is known to support healthy blood cells,  digestion, and healthy immune health.

  • More vitamins and minerals! Contains over 200 vitamin- and mineral-rich sea vegetable nutrients shown to help all of your body’s systems.

  • Health promoting alkaline pH! Marine phytoplankton is pH alkaline so it helps you naturally achieve a balanced pH level that’s critical to maintaining good health.

  • Nine essential amino acids the body can’t make! Including those necessary for healthy muscles and organ tissues.

  • Nearly every vitamin, mineral, co-enzyme, enzyme, and antioxidant needed to maintain healthy body function

Exclusive 5-Step Harvesting Process Unlocks “NUTRITIONAL GOLD” Inside Marine Phytoplankton

  • Harvested from the Purest Waters in the World:  Phyto-D3’s marine phytoplankton is grown at a sea farm located along a coastline in British Columbia.  The area is so pristine it has been the focus of National Geographic research.

  • All-Natural “Concentrated” Growing Process: This wild phytoplankton is grown in a natural seawater habitat to allow for the highest nutrient density and multiplication. Ocean water packed with wild phytoplankton is gravity fed into eight one-million-liter tanks.  The tanks then replicate Mother Nature’s “Spring Bloom” where the phytoplankton multiply by the billions.

  • Patent-pending Proprietary Technology: Using proprietary technology, wild phytoplankton is harvested and the outer silica cell wall is broken unlocking the precious nutrients inside for easy absorption into the human body. This process, UNLIKE any other available today, makes the nutrients immediately bio-available and absorbable by your body.

  • Phyto-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: This concentrated marine phytoplankton is processed in a state-of-the-art production facility, licensed and certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) by Health Canada.  Then it is further concentrated using the highest standard quality assurance procedures (in a pharmaceutical-grade facility and manufactured into Phyto-D3.

  • Environmentally Safe and Sustainable… After each “Spring Bloom” the tanks are emptied into the ocean. An estimated 5% of phytoplankton returns to the sea to grow and thrive to sustain a healthy sea environment for generations to come.

Love Your Results with Phyto-D3  OR IT’S FREE!

Phyto-D3 is the natural secret to maintaining your health. That’s because it contains unique nutrients not available in any other food or supplement you’ve ever tried!

Phyto-D3 brings together NATURE’S FOUR MOST POWERFUL SUPERFOODS found nowhere else in combination to give your heart, your bones, your joints the revitalizing nutritional support they need to feel brand new again. You’ll get…

SUPERFOOD #1:  Marine Phytoplankton. The only wild-harvested marine phytoplankton with a patent-pending harvesting process to ensure all of its 64 whole food nutrients are readily available to the human body.

SUPERFOOD #2:  Green-Lipped Mussel Powder. The high-potency ingredient contains a range of essential fatty acids.

SUPERFOOD #3:  Chlorella. The fresh-water plant that contains an amazing nutrient profile to support overall health.

SUPERFOOD #4:  Vitamin D. The sunshine secret Phyto-D3 gives you vitamin D3  to promote your mind and body health

Phyto-D3 gives you combined superfood nutrition in its purest, most natural, whole food form. As a result, these nutrients are better absorbed that typical chemically made vitamin/Mineral supplements to support your overall health at the cellular level.

You Get 63 Powerful Nutrients in Marine Phytoplankton – contained in PhytoD3!

Revitalize and rejuvenate your cells, tissues and organs!

1. Alanine
2. Arginine
3. Asparagine
4. Aspartic Acid
5. Betacarotene
6. Bioflavonoids
7. Biotin
8. Boron
9. Calcium
10. Chlorophyll
11. Chromium
12. Cobalt
13. Copper
14. Cysteine
15. Essential Fatty Acids
16. Electrolytes
17. Fiber
18. Fluorine
19. Folic acid
20. Germanium
21. Gamma Linolenic acid
22. Glutamic acid
23. Glutamine
24. Glutathione
25. Glycine
26. Glycogen
27. Histidine
28. Iodine
29. Iron
30. Isoleucine
31. Lecithin
32. Leucine
33. Linoleic Acid
34. Lysine
35. Magnesium
36. Manganese
37. Methionine
38. Molybdenum
39. Niacin (Vitamin B3)
40. Nickel
41. Nucleic acids
42. Pantohenic acid (Vitamin B5)
43. Phenylalanine
44. Phosphorus
45. Potassium
46. Proline
47. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)
48. Riboflavin
49. RNA
50. Selenium
51. Serine
52. Silicon
53. Sodium
54. Superoxide Dismutase
55. Substance P
56. Thiamine (Vitamin B1)
57. Theonine
58. Tyrosine
59. Valine
60. Vanadium
61. Vitamin B12
62. Vitamin C
63. Zinc

*The descriptions of these ingredients is no substitution for medical advice and you always should check with your doctor before you start any supplement program.

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