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Amazing Superfood from the Sea brings you 63 of the most Powerful Heart... Brain... and Health Nutrients on the Planet!

  • Helps combat over 40 age-related health conditions!
  • Contains a nutritional content second to none – superior to any land or sea plant!
  • Get 400 times the energizing, health-saving & age-defying power of any known plant!

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“The Future of Nutrition is Found in the Ocean.”

—Jacques Cousteau, world-renowned marine expert, explorer and scientist

Marine Phytoplankton is the original food source sustaining life in the ocean for millions of years.

NASA scientists theorize that 3.5 billion years ago, these tiny ocean grown organisms – with the ability to convert energy from the sun – marked the first known food or plant on earth

Now, modern science has confirmed that whole food Marine Phytoplankton...

  • Has 400 times the energizing, health-saving & age-defying power of any known plant!
  • Is responsible for making 90 percent of the Earth’s oxygen supply
  • Is the main food source of the longest-living marine species on earth
  • Has a nutritional content second to none, superior to any land or sea plant
  • Directly addresses—and reverses—the four real causes of age related health problems

How are so many people creating their own health victories and defying aging with the unique Marine Phytoplankton?

There are two reasons...

Marine Phytoplankton provides 63 rare marine nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants superior to any land or sea grown plant.

Marine Phytoplankton offers you 63 nourishing and complete superfood nutrients that helps you fight off over 40 common health ailments!

This unique array of marine nutrients helps your cell membranes maintain their structure and function. This is vital for cell detoxification and for overall metabolism of your cells.

Marine Phytoplankton helps combat the underlying cause of age related health conditions.

Age related health problems center on unhealthy cell membrane function and structure. It’s a scientific fact: Unhealthy cells open the door to the four real causes of age-related health conditions: inflammation... oxidation... toxicity... mitochondrial dysfunction!

Left unchecked, these four problems cause premature aging and most health ailments.

But there’s great news! Now you can fuel your body with optimal amounts of marine phytoplankton and support healthy cell function... promote youthful longevity... and help build your immune power to fight off everyday age robbing LESS THAN 10 SECONDS PER DAY!

And here’s the best part: This amazing marine superfood is now available in its highest absorbable form – thanks to a breakthrough supplement called PhytoD3!

This one-of-a-kind Marine Phytoplankton contained in PhytoD3 is...

  • The ONLY wild-harvested phytoplankton specially processed for human consumption
  • The ONLY phytoplankton containing hundreds of species of age-fighting microscopic plants
  • The ONLY phytoplankton with a broken cell wall so your body can absorb all of its healing nutrients
  • The ONLY phytoplankton proven in a landmark double-blind clinical study
  • The ONLY phytoplankton that’s fully sustainable, with patent pending processing that replenishes the oceans phytoplankton.

The result? It’s the ONLY Marine Phytoplankton that contains a complete suite of marine trace elements in proportion to those found naturally in human tissue.

Bottom line: With the exclusive new PhytoD3 – available only from NutriCell Health – you’ll infuse your body with the rare marine nutrients to restore your cells and to repair your organs, all to help you...

  • Soothe stiff, aching joints and muscles!
  • Feel more energetic throughout the day!
  • Support healthy cognitive function!
  • Promote cardiovascular health!
  • Enhance weight control!
  • Enjoy a good night’s sleep once again!
  • And fight off dozens more of age-related health problems!

Try PhytoD3 for yourself – 100% RISK FREE for 90 Days!

See for yourself the difference PhytoD3 makes in your energy, vitality, mental focus, and total health – starting today! You risk absolutely NOTHING when you give PhytoD3 a fair try today. If at any time you’re not satisfied with your purchase – simply return the unused portion within 60 days for a FULL refund of the purchase price – or within 90 days for a full store credit. No if’s, and’s or but’s about it!


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Note: All Research provided on ingredients of third party articles, studies, information & Links on ingredients are provided for user convenience and for educational purposes only. Information from these links or from this site should not be construed as medical advice, (only your Medical Doctor can advise you on health matters). Clinical studies on ingredient are not intended to be claims that any of the products provide a cure, benefit or a solution for any health problem. All supplements are intended to support the normal healthy functioning of the body. Testimonials are provides for information purposes only and do not reflect the average users experiences.

Marine Phytoplankton: Clinically proven in landmark study to reduce harmful viruses and bacteria...

Salt Lake City, Utah—Doctors and researchers at the University of Utah have concluded that the Marine Phytoplankton found in the new PhytoD3 helps enhance your immune system... floods your body with natural energy...and improves everything from sleep to moods.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled pilot study, 41 volunteers (ages 20 to 58, both male and female) took a liquid or powder form of Marine Phytoplankton or a placebo each day for 90 days.

Then, measurements were taken of their blood, body and psychological conditions— and the results were remarkable. Those taking the Marine Phytoplankton...

  • Had a significant increase in the immune system marker, CD3. CD3 is an indicator of the presence of T-Lymphocytes, which help your body eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • Had a significant increase in scores measuring energy...feelings of calmness, peace...and health and well being.
  • Had a significant increase in scores measuring mood, sleep patterns and vitality. The results? Doctors confirmed that Marine Phytoplankton supports cellular health, immune function, energy and vitality.

While these benefits were known among natural health experts, this clinical study provided solid evidence of the effectiveness of Marine Phytoplankton.

Now, you can take the first clinically proven Marine Phytoplankton and supercharge your health and immunity with PhytoD3.

What National Geographic Writes about British Columbia’s Marine Phytoplankton Unique Processing:

“The tides carry and mix nutrients from immense deep water upwellings at both the northern and southern entrances. What makes these straits an exceptional cauldron of life is the way in which ocean tides interact with fresh water. This creates a vacuum of sorts that draws even more deep ocean water and more nutrients into the straits.” —National Geographic, 2006

Marine Phytoplankton like no other...

The Marine Phytoplankton processed at Sea Farm in British Columbia brings you the most powerful superfood from the sea. How?

  1. Tides carry and mix nutrients from deepwater upwellings, mixing with fresh water, creating a unique marine microalgae not found anywhere else.
  2. Seawater, containing naturally occurring wild phytoplankton cells, is pumped in from the Strait of Georgia into one million liter tanks.
  3. Once phytoplankton cells are brought into tanks on land, light conditions are high enough to initiate phytoplankton production.
  4. The phytoplankton are then fed organic food and the “spring bloom” is recreated.
  5. The Marine Phytoplankton consumes all of these nutrients and reaches a density high enough for harvesting.
  6. Once the phytoplankton multiplies into a dense mass, a unique processing breaks the hard cell walls to extract the healing nutrients.
  7. At the conclusion of each run of product, a full analysis is performed to ensure the Marine Phytoplankton is free of heavy metals, yeast, mold and bacteria.
  8. The only by-product is pure oxygen, plus this process removes one metric ton a day of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

You Get 63 Powerful Nutrients in Marine Phytoplankton – contained in PhytoD3!

Revitalize and rejuvenate your cells, tissues and organs!

1. Alanine: Activates muscles, boosts immune system
2. Arginine: Builds new muscle, detoxifies liver
3. Asparagine: Brain energizer, immune system booster
4. Aspartic Acid: Assists in making healthy DHA... immune system booster
5. Betacarotene: Vision enhancer, immune system booster, aids digestion
6. Bioflavonoids: Immune system booster, removes toxins from cell
7. Biotin: Promotes healthier looking hair
8. Boron: Promotes stronger bones, improves mental clarity, helps unclog arteries
9. Calcium: Promotes stronger bones, calms nerves, improves cholesterol
10. Chlorophyll: Promotes bowel regularity, cleanses intestinal tissues
11. Chromium: Moderates blood sugar problems
12. Cobalt: Repairs nerve cells, helps produce red blood cells
13. Copper: Eases joint pain, helps produce red blood cells
14. Cysteine: Detoxifies harmful cells
15. Essential Fatty Acids: Reduces heart problems
16. Electrolytes: Helps kidneys regain optimum function
17. Fiber: Eliminates toxic wastes
18. Fluorine: Fights tooth decay, improves bone density
19. Folic acid: Increases mental focus, prevent anemia
20. Germanium: Helps control Epstein-Barr virus
21. Gamma Linolenic acid: Lowers cholesterol
22. Glutamic acid: Reduces sugar cravings
23. Glutamine: Increases mental focus
24. Glutathione: Defends vs. free radicals
25. Glycine: Calms nervous system
26. Glycogen: Boosts physical stamina
27. Histidine: Enhances nutrient absorption, removes toxic metals
28. Iodine: Assists in maintaining/ regulating body weight
29. Iron: Decreases anemia, increases energy
30. Isoleucine: Builds muscles, helps repair liver
31. Lecithin: Dissolves cholesterol deposits, improves short term memory
32. Leucine: Reduces high blood sugar symptoms
33. Linoleic Acid: Combats viral infections
34. Lysine: Helps prevent weak and thinning bones
35. Magnesium: Moderates moods, reduces migraines
36. Manganese: Assists joint mobility
37. Methionine: Enhances memory, mood elevator, removes heavy metals
38. Molybdenum: Increases longevity
39. Niacin (Vitamin B3): Stress reducer, lowers cholesterol
40. Nickel: Promotes cellular growth and reproduction
41. Nucleic acids: Memory enhancer
42. Pantohenic acid (Vitamin B5): Reduces pain, free radical defender
43. Phenylalanine: Improves mental clarity, reduces sugar cravings
44. Phosphorus: Assists with healthy teeth, increases bone fracture repair
45. Potassium: Blood pressure reducer
46. Proline: Increases learning ability, helps repair torn cartilage
47. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6): Immune system booster, relieves PMS
48. Riboflavin: Boosts physical energy, free radicals defender, reduces eye fatigue
49. RNA: Improves mental focus
50. Selenium: Strengthens immune system, relieves anxiety
51. Serine: Enhances skin beauty
52. Silicon: Skin tightening
53. Sodium: Prevent sunstrokes
54. Superoxide Dismutase: Stops free radicals
55. Substance P: Increases mental focus
56. Thiamine (Vitamin B1): Increases energy, improves mental attitude
57. Theonine: Immune system enhancer, skin smoother
58. Tyrosine: Improves emotional health, enhances mental alertness, boosts memory
59. Valine: Promotes muscle tissue building
60. Vanadium: Controls blood sugar
61. Vitamin B12: Increases energy, enhances mental focus, repairs nervous system
62. Vitamin C: Healthier gums, reduces duration of common colds
63. Zinc: Supports prostate health, boosts immunity, reduces common cold symptoms

*The descriptions of these ingredients is no substitution for medical advice and you always should check with your doctor before you start any supplement program.

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