Chinese Miracle Berry Makes Diseases Disappear!

  • Organs rejuvenate themselves
  • The heart is stronger
  • New cells are activated
  • Supports body detoxification
  • Fights cholesterol
  • Promote kidney and liver health
  • Supports vision and hearing

Where does this turbo power of health in NingXia come from?

Two Swedish researchers descovered the True Miracle Fruit of Life called NingXia found only in the deep valleys of the Mongolian steppe of China. This Chinese miracle berry NingXia, is truly the "true miracle fruit of life", or as locals rightfully call it the "holy fruit", guardian of life," and also "fruit of immortality".

Studies show that this miracle fruit of life, NingXia, contains over 100 health agents. No other plant, no other fruit or vegetable... not even an artificially produced preparation of concentrated antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes even comes close to the nutritional power of NingXia!

You Can’t Control The Passage Of Time... But, Now At Last It Is possible to Slow Down and Even Reverse The Rate At Which You Age!

Users report that they feel significantly younger and more vital as they make ORIGINAL NingXia part of their daily routine. This is mainly due to the exceptionally high concentration of enzymes, the "Super-biomaterials" of life. Enzymes support cellular renewal to keep the brain young and the vitally important organs such as heart, liver, intestines and lungs fully vital and efficient.

Now, the western World has discovered NingXia's tremendous Health effects! Cells simply rejuvenate themselves. Imagine extending your prime of life by another 20-25 years. So you first begin middle age at 75 — and help extend your lifespan to 100 to 110 years of age! And that's just the beginning! Stories have been told about how it boosts your immune health to help protect you against such minor afflictions as colds, headaches, stomach upset and heartburn — plus how it fights a whole range of aches and pains. It also helps your body get healthy to fight off heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, joint problems — and even help sharpen your memory!

With NingXia Vital you will forget your everyday problems and feel after a few days of taking it an incredible surge of vitality and energy! Just 2 capsules daily of highly concentrated NingXia and you set yourself up for unprecedented well-being.

"With NingXia we have experienced perfect
health for over 5000 years!"

— Natural Chinese Healer, Xsi Guang Shai, 108 years old

Ningxia: The Essential Fruit of Life

In September 2012, two Swedish scientists uncovered the discovery of a lifetime in the unexplored valley of Chinese Mongolia.

What they found is an inconspicuous fruit. It’s called Ningxia wolfberry – but locals call it “The Fruit of Gods”. They say that whoever eats it stays healthy forever – and never complains about age-related problems!

For Centuries, the Folks of Northern China Have Experienced the Remarkable Health and Longevity Benefits of Ningxia Wolfberry...

Mongolian natural healers have tapped into the remarkable health-boosting power of the ningxia fruit for thousands of years. In fact, it’s an inseparable part of life in the Mongolian culture. This potent berry is cherished for its powerful health, energy and longevity promoting benefits.

Stories have been told about how ningxia can boost your immune health to fight off a host of devastating age-related illnesses. That’s because this tiny berry gives your cells the nutrition they need to help regenerate themselves. And it also gives your body the support it needs to help...

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For the First Time Ever Get Ningxia Wolfberry in a Safe, 100% Natural Formula!

Until now, ningxia wolfberry has been a heavily guarded ancient Chinese secret. But thanks to recent advances natural health, Ningxia has now taken the Western world by storm! And for the first time ever, consumers in the United States, Australia and Canada can now benefit from the unique power of this wonder fruit – in less than 10 seconds a day!


Thanks to advances in natural health, you can now fuel your body with a potent ningxia wolfberry extract– in its highest absorbable form! The name of this amazing formula? It’s called NingXia – and it’s only available from NutriCell Health.

NingXia is no ordinary nutritional supplement. It contains a powerful dose of ningxia wolfberry extract– pure and unadulterated – from the depths of the Chinese Mongolian valley. Plus you get 7 more all-natural nutrients for a force field of antioxidant protection against cellular damage. These nutrients include...

Many folks report feeling significantly younger and more energized as they make this powerful formula a part of their daily routine. This is a direct result of the exceptionally high concentration of nutrients contained in the Ningxia formula.

Studies show ningxia wolfberry contains over 100 concentrated vitamins... antioxidants... minerals and enzymes. And when combined our exclusive 7-nutrient blend contained in Ningxia – you can help strengthen your heart and brain... promote optimal liver function... support healthy lungs... revitalize and protect your cells... and much more!

Success Stories

"I was suffering from heavy legs. My circulation was a disaster. My heart rate was too fast and irregular. I did not dare leave the house. My wife has suffered greatly. Today, we can take long walks and bicycle tours again. We had never thought that we could do that again. I owe everything to NingXia!"

— Peter M.

"I was leading a really sad life. I had heart palpitations, fatigue, forgetfulness, digestive problems... Some days I had the feeling that I was just too old to recover. I love gardening and I had no desire because I hurt all over and had no energy. Then I started taking NingXia. What happened was extraordinary. I still do not believe it: It was like I was instantly younger. My heart palpitations, fatigue, and other problems disappeared—not a trace! My doctor was astounded. I told him about NingXia. Lo and behold, last week he told me he now even takes it himself."

— Franziska R.

It's like your body's level of energy, performace, and organ vitality suddenly grows a whole generation younger starting in as little as 30 days!

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