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Imagine a world where almost nobody gets sick!

Dr. Earl Mindell,
author of the New York Times best-seller, THE VITAMIN BIBLE and the man Newsweek Magazine calls “American’s #1 Health Expert”.

They call it BactiPlus. And it could be the most important discovery since penicillin.

Dr Mindell, America's most trusted pharmacist, says that all kinds of worms living in our colons.

In addition to these, we find single cell protozoan, mold, parasites, fungus, viruses, bacteria, and yeast (candida albicans). Symptoms to watch out for are irritability, fatigue, low energy, skin rashes, trouble sleeping, joint pain, and hair loss. However, sometimes there are no symptoms at all. So, doctors do not know if certain symptoms or illnesses are created by parasites. It is possible to suffer from parasites for years without knowing why you don't have good health or just feel run down all the time.

Our bowels have become backed up toxic sewers. It's making us ill and cutting our lives short.

Nothing's been able to stop this deadly spiral. Until now. Our natural barrier against disease has completely broken down. That barrier is our colon. Almost 60% of our immune cells are in our intestinal tract. They're our first line of defense against all sorts of viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi and parasites that can ravage our bodies and make us ill. But thanks to food additives, pesticides, preservatives, and other chemicals, our colons are clogged up with toxic fecal waste that is leaking into our bloodstream and allowing all sorts of sicknesses to overwhelm us. It's true when they say: "Death begins in the colon." When your bowels aren't working, your whole body is at risk for disease.

"I looked at the results. I examined the research. It was indisputable", said a doctor attending Dr. Mindell's conference. "I am now convinced. If every American supplemented their diet with the ingredients inside BactiPlus, 90% of hospitals would shut down... and doctors would be scrounging for work". Sounds unbelievable, but its true!

Biggest Medical News In Decades

"When this gets out, it will dominate the news", says Dr. Mindell. That's because BactiPlus's potent ingredients can actually help your body wipe out viruses, toxins and bad bacteria... before they can ruin your health. Even more shocking - if you struggle with your health now, you could begin to reverse the problem overnight!

FACT: The U.S. Now Ranks #42 In The World In Life Expectancy (Right below Jordan and Malta). Are You At Risk?

When your bowels aren't working, your whole body can fall victim to all kinds of horrible health catastrophes.

Some argue any colon cleanse can do what BactiPlus does! "They're dead wrong" says Dr. Mindell. "Problem is, they only work temporarily, so you clog right up again." But BactiPlus actually feeds your digestive tract the "good bacteria" it needs to stay clean, unclogged and impressively healthy but you have to be careful...

A lot of pills and treatments promise to clean and detoxify your colon. Most don't go far enough (and some are complete hooey).

Yogurt drinks and probiotic supplements usually contain 1 billion or less good bacteria. That's a mere 1/20th of what you need to detoxify your bowels according to panel of experts assembled by the independent Euromonitor International.

Colon cleansers alone are great for washing out fecal matter — but they don't add any good bacteria to your digestive tract, so the clogging starts right up again.

Herbal and dietary supplement concoctions claim to detoxify through metabolic action, but there are virtually no studies to back that up. Ionic cleansing devices and detox foot pads are also unproven.

I reviewed them all, and was sorely disappointed with everything I saw. And believe me, I know what to look for in alternative health products. Then Schweiz Health comes up with its new BactiPlus and I thought, my gosh, this is it!

And Bactiplus goes one step further that any of the other so called store bought probiotics out there...

And here’s what makes BactiPlus a stellar probiotic formula. You get LIVE, beneficial bacteria PLUS the nutrients to keep these probiotics healthy – all in one pill!

In every serving of Bactiplus - you also get the “functional foods” - called prebiotics - to nourish and infuse energy into beneficial bacteria!

Remember this: Without prebiotics – probiotics can’t get the nourishment they need to continue to populate your digestive tract.

In every serving of BactiPlus - you get FOS and Inulin – the most powerful foods for healthy bacteria growth!

Both FOS and Inulin serve as “fertilizer” for your intestinal walls. That’s right – they provide a feasting ground for the beneficial bacteria to grow in your gut! By adding this “dynamic duo” of FOS and Inulin – your entire digestive tract receives optimal prebiotic nutrients to feed beneficial bacteria!

In a matter of days, it can fight off constipation, gas, diarrhea, bloating... it can give you back your energy and radiant skin... it can help control your allergies, colds, plus... protect you from serious, life threatening illnesses... and could add 10 to 20 years to your life!

I believe BactiPlus could save you from trips to the doctors... from expensive treatments and prescriptions, and from dashes to the emergency room. Here's how:

The probiotics includes 24 billion carefully selected good flora cells. That's many times what the vast majority of probiotics products contain. And it's what's needed to fight the ever-growing list of colon harming chemicals in our food, water and household products.

There are many more reasons why BactiPlus is far superior to anything else on the market. I'll explain those in a bit, but first...

A congested colon can kill you.

They say, "Death begins in the colon." And it's true. Medscape from WebMD confirms, "Constipation can be deadly if it is allowed to continue."

When you're clogged up, feces can keep accumulating in your intestines, creating an even bigger blockage — kind of like an accident that turns into a 10-car pile up, and backs up traffic for miles.

Stools can't pass, so they sit and fester. This invites more bad bacteria to come in, gorge on the putrid waste, and multiply like crazy. Meanwhile, your bowels keep accumulating more and more rotting fecal matter behind the obstruction. As stools continue to build up, one of two things can happen, both really bad.

The mass of toxic sludge starts backing up and begins oozing into your bloodstream. Your entire body reacts to this poisonous sludge. You get colds and flu more often. Your skin gets itchy, and you notice more rashes and wrinkles. Your allergies and asthma get worse. You can't sleep. You get moody and depressed. Worst of all, you're more prone to contracting a serious illness. This is the main reason why so many Americans are filling up hospital beds!

The sludge builds up and starts expanding at a weak point, causing what's called a "Fecal Impaction." Pressure builds until it ruptures, like the bursting of Hoover Dam. Its putrid, poisonous contents flood into the abdomen, creating a medical emergency known as toxic megacolon. At this point, it's clearly 9-1-1 — go directly to ER.


Don't let these problems (or far worse) happen to you!

The key to staying healthy and living longer is protecting your colon's defense system. BactiPlus has 24 billion active good bacteria cells. — more than twice what most other probiotic products have — and plenty enough to shore up your defense against illnesses and infection!

Don't wait for a medical emergency before you do something! Ignore your colon, and you're practically inviting disaster to happen.

BactiPlus sweeps your bowels clean, and keeps them clean. It's safe, easy, affordable, 100% natural. And it's guaranteed to work as quickly as 3 days or your money back!

WE PUT THE GOOD FLORA IN! BactiPlus Boasts Four Super-Strains of Probiotics to Help Keep Your Body Humming Like A Well Oiled Machine.

Lactobacillus acidophilus (small intestine) that helps maintain your immune system, aids digestion and helps support good cholesterol... all while inhibiting the growth of 23 disease-causing pathogens.

Bifi dobacterium Bifi dum (large intestine) consumes old fecal matter, protects against the formation of liver, colon and mammary gland tumors and helps fight allergies.

Lactobacillus plantarum (small intestine) helps destroy bad bacteria, including deadly e. coli. This super strain is so vital to your health that most surgeons will not perform colonoscopies without using it.

Bifi dobacterium Lactis (large intestine) supports our resistance to harmful microbes, reduces inflammation, and maintains your body’s own immune cells.

Advanced Probiotic Formula with 25 Billion Healthy Flora

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