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Promotes Healthy Digestion and Regular Elimination

  • Ease digestive discomfort
  • Encourage regular bowel movements
  • Support overall health

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Got Digestion Problems?
Here’s the Surprising Reason Why...

FACT: Most American’s know about vitamins, herbs and supplements – but less than 10% of the population know the real value of enzymes – and how their the “missing link” for optimal health.

It’s absolutely true: No food... no vitamin... no nutritional supplement can do a single bit of good – unless you have enzymes to break them down, so your body can properly digest them!

That’s just how powerful enzymes are. In fact, you have over 100 trillion cells in your body – and each and every one of these cells need enzymes to function. That means...

... you can’t breathe, keep your heart beating... or even blink without enzymes...

... you can’t create new cells to keep your heart, brain, or bones healthy or strong without enzymes...

... and if you’re experiencing digestion problems like bloating... belching... gas... irritable bowels... constipation... diarrhea... and acid reflux...

... that’s a sure sign your body is LOW in one specific kind of enzymes – called digestive enzymes!

Digestive enzymes are what you need to break down and liquefy your foods so your body can properly absorb nutrients to keep you healthy. If you eat raw foods like fruits and vegetables – you get adequate enzymes in those foods to break them down so you can digest them.

But if you eat foods that are cooked, microwaved, fried, baked or even broiled – you’re left with NO enzymes in those foods to break them down!

If You Experience Indigestion, Diarrhea or Constipation, You Could Be Suffering from a Hidden Enzyme Deficiency Right Now!

Without adequate amounts of digestive enzymes – foods stay in your stomach longer – causing gas, indigestion and other digestive problems...

... What’s more these clumps of undigested foods can irritate your digestive tract – and cause allergies... stomach cramps... irritable bowels... leaky gut – just to name a few. What’s more...

These undigested foods can lodge in the walls of your colon... create a backlog of mucus-filled fecal matter... and put out the “welcome mat” for parasites and other bugs and viruses to feed on!

Are you starting to get the picture of how CRITICAL it is for you to provide your body with abundant supply of digestive enzymes each and every day?

But there’s more...

Enzymes not only help you to break down and utilize the food you eat more efficiently, but they serve one other extremely important purpose...

...they help your body assimilate the supplements that you take on a daily basis. That’s right, just as the foods you eat need to be properly utilized and absorbed – the same is true for your supplements. So, for optimal nutrient utilization, you need to fuel your body with digestive enzymes daily. It’s a simple, easy way to help accelerate the results from the supplements you take every day!

The great news is, now it’s easier than ever to boost the absorption of vitamins and supplements... relieve your stomach distresses... digest all your food EVERY TIME... and support optimal colon health...

... thanks to a proprietary blend of specially formulated enzymes called Nutri-Zyme – available exclusively from NutriCell Health!

Nutri-Zyme provides a full spectrum of digestive enzymes to help you digest fats, carbohydrates and proteins more efficiently. That means you can eat the foods you love again – without paying the price later! Plus, by supplementing your diet with Nutri-Zyme, you can give your body the enzyme ammunition it needs to help...

  • Ease digestive discomforts – so you can eat the foods you love without bothersome symptoms!
  • Promote a healthy colon – experience regular, healthy bowel movements once again!
  • Support a healthy gallbladder, liver and pancreas – and help rejuvenate your vital organs!
  • Boost energy levels – and combat fatigue!
  • Keep your skin looking young and healthy – you’ll feel 20 years younger!
  • And more!

Simply take 1 to 2 small capsules of Nutri-Zyme before each meal and give your body the enzymes it needs to fight off stomach related symptoms including gas...heartburn...acid reflux... water retention....bloating...fatigue... and more. You’ll see and feel a difference almost immediately!

Recommended Dosage:

In order to help your body provide life-sustaining nutrients to your muscles... bones... glands... nerves and blood, you should take Nutri-Zyme just before or during a meal. Nutri-Zyme is a 100% safe nutritional supplement for both adults and children. For most people, 1 to 2 small capsules should be enough.

Meet some of the thousands of folks who now experience HEALTHY digestion and a clean colon — thanks the powerful enzymes found in Nutri-Zyme!

These folks are so grateful for this powerful enzyme formula — they’ve taken the time to write and share their personal story. Here’s what they want you to know...

“Works fast!”

“In two days, my digestion went from poor to perfect!”
— Norman P., Dunwoody, GA

“I can finally go on trips!”

“My husband refused to go on vacations because of my ‘problem’. Now that we both take Nutri-Zyme, we’re planning our first cruise together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
— Connie C., Pasadena, CA

“I’ve seen remarkable changes when my patients take it!”

“I often use Nutri-Zyme with my clients. I find it to be quite effective especially for people who have a large number of food intolerances, maldigestion or malabsorbtion. Recently I recommended it to a woman who has fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and whose eating options were extremely limited. Along with probiotics and a few small changes, she is now able to eat a much wider variety of foods without issue. I’m really happy to have this product on my shelf.”
— Liz L., PhD, CCN, Ashville, NC

“My energy level soared!”

“I noticed a difference in my digestion and energy levels almost immediately. For me, enzyme therapy is the missing link between feeling horrible and being physically fit!”
— Chelsi Smith Blair, Miss Universe 1995

“Antibiotics really messed up my stomach...”

“I got pretty sick last year. I had to take some strong antibiotics for nearly a month. This really screwed up my digestion! I have been an avid motorcyclist for many years, and having a ‘touch-and-go’ digestive system does not bode well for long rides with my buddies. One day after I started taking Nutri-Zyme, my stomach problems disappeared. In one day! I now take your formula religiously.”
— Edward D., Sewell, NJ

“Regular bowel movements again!”

“As a Registered Dietitian I have always known a balanced diet, high in fiber and adequate water is the first place to start for my clients with irregular bowels. But when I added Nutri-Zyme to my client’s protocols the number one result was regular bowel movements. They also report less gas, bloating and discomfort after meals when taking Nutri-Zyme. This product has been a part of my personal protocol as well as my nutritional practice for 10 years where my focus is on the importance of healthy digestion and timely elimination.”
—Lisa H., RD, Sugar Land, TX

“Rich foods used to upset my stomach — but not anymore!”

“I have been told I am a ‘gall bladder person’, meaning when I eat rich foods it upsets my gall bladder and I feel very nauseous and sometimes throw up. I have had this problem all my life but it got worse while I was in college. My doctor gave me Nutri-Zyme and as long as I take it with my meals, I feel fine. When I eat rich foods that would normally bother my stomach I simply take more. It works great!”
— Mary S., Denver, CO

“I don’t put a bite in my mouth without taking Nutri-Zyme FIRST!”

“At age 48 I was diagnosed with cancer, I have fibromyalgia and I have survived several car accidents. My body has had its health challenges that’s for sure! I began using digestive enzymes during my cancer treatments and it literally changed my life. I do not put a bite of food in my mouth without also taking Nutri-Zyme and I have done so for 15 years. I am a cancer survivor and manage my fibromyalgia nutritionally, naturally and drug free.”
— Jane S., Tampa, FL

“Gas and constipation GONE!”

“I feel that Nutri-Zyme has made my digestion much healthier. I used to have lots of gas and constipation. Now, I don’t even think about that anymore. I take Nutri-Zyme every day. I call it my stomach vitamin!”
— J.W., Houston, TX

“Eating foods I love again!”

“In college, I used to have an ice cream sundae every Saturday afternoon. After having two babies, my digestion changed and I could no longer eat anything with dairy in it. Oh, I missed those Saturday afternoon treats. Now, thanks to Nutri-Zyme, I’m eating sundaes again, and loving every bite!
— Gina P., Jackson Hole, WY

The results in these testimonials are not typical. Individual results may vary. Photos used in this package are models to protect confidentiality. The statements in this package have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product in not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Testimonial givers have been compensated with free product for their time and efforts.

Note: All Research provided on ingredients of third party articles, studies, information & Links on ingredients are provided for user convenience and for educational purposes only. Information from these links or from this site should not be construed as medical advice, (only your Medical Doctor can advise you on health matters). Clinical studies on ingredient are not intended to be claims that any of the products provide a cure, benefit or a solution for any health problem. All supplements are intended to support the normal healthy functioning of the body. Testimonials are provides for information purposes only and do not reflect the average users experiences.

7 Powerful Digestive Enzymes Help you Eat Better... Live Better... and Feel Better!

Nutri-Zyme contains the highest quality, plant-based enzymes available anywhere. In just a tiny capsule, this remarkable supplement contains 100% natural enzymes that break down proteins... fats... dairy... fiber... and carbohydrates for your body to digest.

This all-natural formula is safe for adults and children. And best of all, each dose is free from allergens found in ordinary supplements - including corn...wheat... dairy... gluten... soy... sugar... and salicylates!

In every serving of Nutri-Zyme, you get...

  • Protease: Helps purify your blood. This critical enzyme breaks down protein coating on viruses and helps eliminate them from your body.
  • Amylase: Breaks starch down into sugar. Amylase is the critical enzyme present in human saliva, where it begins the chemical process of digestion.
  • Lipase: Breaks down and digests fats. Controls the release of cholesterol and triglycerides and helps protect against atherosclerosis. Studies show lipase can even enhance weight loss.
  • Cellulase: Helps break down the fiber in our diet. Because our body does not produce cellulase, this food enzyme is essential.
  • Lactase: Helps digest lactose found in milk. Deficiency of this enzyme causes lactose intolerance.
  • Invertase: Quickly breaks down sucrose (sugar) into simpler sugars (fructose and glucose). Your body uses these simple sugars for growth, energy and renewal.
  • Malt Diastase: Aids in the digestion of carbohydrate rich foods such as grains as well as malt, maltose and sugars.
*The descriptions of these ingredients is no substitution for medical advice and you always should check with your doctor before you start any supplement program.

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