How would you like to maintain healthy blood sugar levels... lose weight... boost your energy... and solve tough health issues you've struggled with for years! And you can do it all without changing what you eat or exercising more.

A recent indepth investigation by CBS NEWS 60 MINUTES reported shocking news...Conclusive new research shows that sugar,the sweet food most of us eat every day is the driving force causing most of today's tough-to-solve health conditions. The studies show that sugar doesn't just make you fat - it's actually toxic to your body!

A 60 Minutes interview noted scientists including Dr.Lewis Cantley of Harvard Medical School and Dr.Robert Lustig of the University of California. These experts recommend that all Americans drastically reduce their consumption of sugar.

In other words, if you're suffering from low energy... weight gain... heart issues... high cholesterol, high blood sugar... memory loss... even joint pain - research links them all to sugar and carbohydrates! Chances are...

It's happening to YOU right now...

And even if you NEVER indulge in sodas, cake, cookies, or ice cream, you're not safe from natural sugar in healthy fruits and vegetables. Or worse, hidden sugar in processed foods...

Blocks Sugar and Carbs from Spiking Your Blood Sugar!

Imagine eating a high-sugar meal and being able to block a substantial part of that sugar from quickly entering your bloodstream and damaging your body. You'd stop high blood sugar before it starts!

Now you can with an exciting new discovery called Glucotol!

Glucotol contains a patented natural sugar blocker. It is the first natural ingredient that research has ever shown to block the enzymes that allow your body to digest and absorb glucose from sugar and carbohydrates.

But there's so much MORE. Besides the benefits of lower blood sugar, you're also blocking sugar's ability to cause inflammation in your body. That's why Glucotol's breakthrough formula can also help you:

  • Maintain healthy circulation and blood flow throughout your body
  • Support healthy cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Protect your eyes, nerves, kidneys, and other organs that are particularly sensitive to inflammation and high speed aging caused by high blood sugar
  • Promote improved concentration, better memory and faster recall
  • Look and feel younger.

Other blood-sugar supplements only help you reduce blood sugar by removing it from your blood AFTER it's already there and has done damage. But Glucotol gives you a breakthrough new way to help halt blood sugar spikes - and the trouble they cause - whenever you eat sugar or carb foods.

Cut Your Blood Sugar 48%! Try GLUCOTOL today

Seven Secrets for Healthier Blood Sugar
without Doctors, Diet, or Exercise


The Natural Sugar-Blocking Break Through InSea2 is a patented natural ingredient made from two special kinds of brown sea weed. The sea weed contains unique polyphenols that naturally block the digestion of sugar and carbohydrates. As a result, less glucose enters your blood stream.

Blood Sugar Drops 48% in Clinical Study!

Researchers put Glucotol's InSea2 to the test in a double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study. It was conducted by an independent scientific research institution that specializes in obesity and metabolicsyndrome.

Blood Glucose Response IMPROVED 200%!

In a laboratory study, published in the journal Food Research International, InSea2 demonstrated a remarkable ability to block sugar absorption and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Lose 14% More Weight WITHOUT Eating Less or Exercising More!

Researchers studied Glucotol's InSea2 in a randomized, double-blind, placebo- controlled trial of overweight people. People taking InSea2 not only enjoyed healthier blood sugar levels, they lost weight too! After three months of taking 500 mg daily, these people experienced 14% weight loss and they did it without eating less or exercising more.


The Spark That Ignites Insulin Sensitivity

Whether you have high blood sugar levels or low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), studies show it's likely that you need more of the important mineral chromium. This is because chromium activates your cells'nsulin receptors. A wealth of research confirms the impor- tance of chromium for maintaining healthy blood sugar. For example, are view of 41 clinical studies of chromium's effects on blood sugar concluded, "Chromium supplementation significantly improved glycemia among patients with [blood sugar issues]."


The Natural Secret that BANISHES SUGAR CRAVINGS!

Gymnema Sylvestre. Recent scientific studies confirm that this herb contains special gymnemic acids that help block sugar absorption. Once you stop your sugar cravings, you'll find it far easier to stick to a healthier, low-sugar diet.


The Amazing Mineral that Activates Your Natural "INSULIN SIGNALS"

Researchers report that vanadium activates your body's natural "insulin signals." These signals include certain enzymes that let your cells absorb sugar easily instead of letting it build up in your blood stream.


The Asian Secret for Lowering Blood Sugar!

Fenugreek's ability to lower highblood sugar was documented by researchers in a new study published in the Journal of Bioscience. Clinical research shows that an amino acid in fenugreek called 4-hydroxyisoleucine stimulates the release of insulin and reduces blood sugar levels.



YES cinnamon bark improves the transfer of sugar from the blood stream into cells, thereby significantly increasing insulin activity.


The Secret to Boosting Insulin Sensitivity

AlphaLipoic acid (ALA) is a key part of the metabolic process that helps your body turn sugar into energy.

Glucotol is the break through natural formula that helps you block both the sugar and carbohydrates in your food from sending too much sugar into your blood. At last, foods such as bread, icecream or pasta that rush too much sugar into your blood stream will be digested much more slowly, so your blood sugar will stay balanced.

Glucotol gives you a powerful new sugar- blocking breakthrough, (InSea2), plus six other super star nutrients that are backed by decades of clinical research. These powerful natural ingredients are shown to work in scientific studies at Harvard, the National Institutes of Health,Columbia University, the Mayo Clinic and other leading research institutions. You get them all in one money - saving, easy-to-take formula.

Glucotol can help you...

Cut Your Post-Meal Blood Sugar 48% Without Doctors, Diet or Exercise Many supplements that help reduce blood sugar work by removing sugar from your blood after the fact. But that's like letting a burglar into your house and then trying to get him out.

How much better to keep him out in the first place! That's how this remarkable formula works. It helps your body avoid a rise in blood sugar altogether. And that's why I recommend Glucotol as a daily supplement to any body who has sugar in their diet, and to you.

Please make sure you keep your blood sugar in the healthy range. Even slightly elevated blood sugar levels can still contribute to inflammation and accelerated aging. Glucotol is the new natural breakthrough that can help you: maintain healthy blood sugar levels lose weight, boost your energy, and halt inflammation all without doctors, diet, or exercise!