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You Too Can Experience the Benefits of ANDECYN!

What if you could address almost every single age-related health problem, with one simple formula? YES,  a formula that contains one of the purest and most potent anti-aging ingredients: Deer Antler Velvet.


From anti-aging . . . to virility . . . to enhanced athletic performance, Deer Antler Velvet is taking professional athletes, health enthusiasts and the elderly who need that youthful boost by storm. And with Swiss Labs advanced delivery system, allowing for maximum absorption, you’ll quickly see why you need to order Swiss Labs new Deer Antler Velvet called Andecyn today!


Immune System Support

One significant discovery regarding IGF-1 suggests its ability to support your immune system. If your immune system becomes compromised, by either outside forces (such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, or pollen) or even inside forces (as with bacterial toxins or tissue cells), it responds in such a way to fend off those attacks. The most important agents in making this happen (in addition to IGF-1) are Transforming Growth Factors A and B (TGF-A and TGF-B), which you can learn more about below.

Muscle and Tissue Health

IGF-1 is responsible for transporting glucose and amino acids into your muscle, as well as stimulating muscle DNA. When you have sufficient levels of IGF-1, such as in your youth, your muscles develop to their full potential. And when you have sufficient levels at an older age, the IGF-1 helps to preserve muscle tissue, which results in overall muscle strength, recovery and performance. But if you lack adequate levels of IGF-1, your muscles can become weak and damaged.

Metabolic Health

IGF-1 also benefits other tissues in the body because of its influence on DNA and RNA. IGF-1 stimulates a faster production of proteins such as enzymes, which help promote normal metabolism – an essential basis for overall health and wellness.

Fat Burning Properties

Because IGF-1 helps to preserve your muscle tissue, it can then use your energy (and thus your metabolism) to burn fat instead. No matter what type of weight loss program, or nutritional plan you are currently on, IGF-1 may help support your weight management and promote a healthy body weight. As you can see, if you DON’T have sufficient levels of IGF-1 in your body, your health and wellness can suffer – and not just a little bit.



Each of the following growth factors has a specific purpose,
and a resulting benefit:

Insulin-like Growth Factors I and II (IGF-1 and IGF-2)

One of the specific benefits of IGF-1 and IGF-2 is that they help ease the symptoms of  joint discomfort. Studies have shown that IGF-1 promotes the absorption of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin; both of which aid in the development of healthy joints. In regards to its insulin-like properties, IGF-1 has the ability to help reduce fat. This is because it is similar enough to actual insulin that your growth hormones react to its presence by releasing stored fat.

Transforming Growth Factors A and B (TGF-A and TGF-B)

One of the most important “duties” of TGF-A is to aid in wound healing; specifically by working together with Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF). It’s also important to note that TGF-A and TGF-B are essential for normal tissue development.

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

EGF is essential for the development of healthy tissue, as well as thwarting the development of abnormal tissue. It encourages cell proliferation for the lymphatic system, nervous system, and epithelial (skin) system. Some research has also shown its ability to reduce the production of gastric acid.

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)

VEGF is extremely important for vascular health, or in layman’s terms, the health of your blood vessels. This includes the arteries, veins and capillaries that carry blood to and from the heart. VEGF plays an essential role in helping to repair and restore damaged blood vessels such as these.


ABOUT Dr. Earl Mindell, R/Ph., Ph.D

If anyone knows about Deer Antler Velvet, it’s Dr. Earl Mindell. Over his many years of research, Dr. Mindell has become one of the premier experts on Deer Antler Velvet and its benefits.


Dr. Mindell has spent the last 35-plus years dedicating his life to discovering the best natural, alternative approaches to all kinds of health problems . . . including conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, heart disease, cataracts, AIDS and the Immune System, and even Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).


Dr. Earl Mindell, R/Ph., Ph.D has authored over a dozen books and audio recordings, in addition to his collection of articles and special reports. He has appeared on television and radio programs across the country. Dr. Mindell. is the ultimate authority on vitamins, nutrition and fitness. His multi-million international book, The Vitamin Bible, published in 33 languages, is considered to be the definitive guide to revitalizing your health and fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deer Antler Velvet Spray

How is Deer Antler Velvet Harvested? Is There Any Harm to the Deer?

Humane Harvesting Is Our Top Priority. Please be assured, there is absolutely no harm done to the deer in the harvesting of the deer antler velvet. The velvet for DEER ANTLER comes from our farms in New Zealand, where the animals are kept under close supervision by farmers, veterinarians, and even the New Zealand government. The deer are given nutritious, vitamin-rich feed to keep them healthy and vibrant; but they are also allowed to roam freely, promoting an environment in which they thrive and can remain stress-free.

How Does the Harvesting Process Work?

It’s really quite amazing . . . deer antlers grow at a very rapid speed – up to one whole inch per day! As the antler cycle develops, the cartilage within the deer’s antlers turns to bone and the blood supply and nerves within the antlers are deadened. As the antlers fully harden, the deer prepares them as “weapons” by rubbing off any remaining skin and sharpening the bone. This is necessary to ward off any threats from other males during mating season. But then, as the spring season rolls around, the cycle begins once again. New skin expands and grows, and the hard antler from the previous year is cast off. It is at this time, near the end of the spring season, when the new velvet is harvested. When the velvet has been removed, it is cooled, frozen, and then processed. Timing is everything – if the velvet is removed at the optimum time, almost all of the antler velvet can be used.

Why is a liquid formula better than capsules or pills?

Andecyn's formula has been constructed to allow for the best absorption and bioavailability. Whereas most pills, capsules, and even powders must pass through the liver to be available for “use,” the liquid formula in Andecyn is delivered directly to the bloodstream. In fact, with this method, the absorption rate is as high as 98%.

How often should I take Andecyn?

The recommended dosage will depend on the strength of Andecyn you choose. The dosage instructions are clearly marked on the label.


Can I take more than the recommended dose?

It is typically OK to up your intake of Andecyn, especially if you’re recovering from an incidence like surgery or an injury. Some athletes increase their intake if they are in the midst of a demanding playing schedule or intense training. But the recommended dosage will provide the optimal amount of benefits. But always check with your doctor.

How long until I see some benefits from Andecyn?

The answer to this question may vary from person to person. Many people report results immediately after use, while others may not feel a difference for a few weeks. It is important to be consistent because every person is different depending on his or her individual growth levels.  We encourage you to give Andecyn 60 days before making any definite conclusions, as timing and effectiveness may depend on your current medical, nutritional and physical state. Andecyn is not a “magic bullet” . . … it can take time for your body to adjust to these essential nutrients.

Is there a chance I could become “addicted” or dependent on Andecyn? Will I need to take it forever?

Absolutely not. It is not a drug. Rather, it contains essential ingredients to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. And the key words here are “maintain” and “lifestyle.” Your body needs continual maintenance – similar to how your car needs tune-ups, fuel, and the occasional wash. Andecyn helps provide the tools for that health maintenance, and is meant for the long-term. Hopefully the only “addiction” you’ll experience is that to a healthier and more youthful life!

Can I take DEER ANTLER with food?

You can take Andecyn with or without food; although if you are the type of person with a sensitive stomach, we would recommend that you take your Andecyn with food. Keep in mind, many cultures have included Deer Antler Velvet in their cuisine for thousands of years. So taking it with food is completely normal.

Can I take DEER ANTLER if I drink alcohol?

It’s certainly OK to take Andecyn with alcohol. Alcohol tends to cause an inflammatory response in the body. But remember, some of the ingredients in Andecyn have anti-inflammatory properties. So those same ingredients may help offset alcohol’s negative effects. Also, current research indicates that some amount of alcohol may be good for you (i.e. red wine). Just keep in mind that too much alcohol can be extremely detrimental to your health, and in no way do we encourage or condone the excessive use of alcohol.

Will Andecyn interact with my other supplements or medications?

Before taking any new supplements, it’s highly recommended that you check with your doctor or other healthcare provider to learn what types of interactions may occur. However, the ingredients in Andecyn may complement many of the other supplements you might be taking. For instance, IGF-1 promotes the absorption of both glucosamine and chondroitin. But be wary – many of today’s over-the-counter supplements contain additives which may hinder the absorption of Andecyn’s ingredients. Make sure you check the labels of your existing supplements to ensure you’re not off-setting the benefits.

Am I too old to see any benefits from DEER ANTLER?

Absolutely not! Even those in their elder years can experience the benefits of Andecyn's formula. Check out our section on testimonials and you’ll see that people of all ages are fans of Andecyn.

I’m an athlete. What sorts of benefits might I see from taking Andecyn?

VEGF is extremely important for vascular health, or in layman’s terms, the health of your blood vessels. This includes the arteries, veins and capillaries that carry blood to and from the heart. VEGF plays an essential role in helping to repair and restore damaged blood vessels such as these.


I’ve seen some Deer Antler Velvet products promote testosterone and virility for men. But can women benefit as well?

Absolutely. Andecyn’s anti-aging effects, as well as overall health and wellness benefits can be experienced by men and women equally. Not only that, but the advantages for athletes can be realized by both men and women.

I’m a woman taking estrogen – is it still safe to take Andecyn?

As always, we recommend you speak with your physician or other healthcare provider before embarking on any new supplement or nutritional regimens. But initial studies have suggested that the ingredients in Andecyn will not interfere with estrogen therapy. Some research even suggests that the ingredients found in Andecyn may help ease menopausal symptoms.

Can I take Andecyn if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has utilized Deer Antler Velvet in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. But again, as with any specific health concern you should speak with your doctor as to whether or not Andecyn is right for you.

Can DEER ANTLER help with fertility?

Currently there are no clinical studies supporting Andecyn’s ingredients in regards to fertility. If this is a concern for you, please consult with your doctor or other healthcare provider.

I’ve heard some Deer Antler Velvet products are “sketchy” –
is Andecyn completely safe for me to use?

Andecyn goes through a rigorous testing and certification process to ensure its quality – and your safety. All of our products are tested at GMP certified labs for conformity, purity from bacteria, and the utmost quality. GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practice,” and encompasses a standard set of regulations put forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, we strive to go even above and beyond the industry standard to provide you the highest quality product available.

What is the shelf life of Andecyn? Are there any special instructions for storage?

You should store your Andecyn in a cool, dry place. There is no need to refrigerate Andecyn, so you can travel easily with it. Technically, the shelf life of Andecyn could be up to two years . . . but remember, you should make Andecyn a part of your daily regimen so shelf life should not really be a problem.